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Why are millennials not working in manufacturing?

By 2022, 26% of the workers will be above age 50 compared to 14% in 2002



Jake Hall is the Manufacturing Millennial. He talks about the latest technology in the automation and manufacturing while making it engaging for all audiences. He is an experienced sales professional with extensive knowledge building lasting business relationships across multiple accounts, designing sales strategies, and creating and accomplishing project goals. Proficiency in creating new business opportunities with existing and new accounts by leveraging key strengths and maintain customer relationships. 

Jake graduated from Grand Valley State University with his bachelor’s in Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering and a minor in Biomedical Engineering. He worked during college in the automation, furniture and product design industries as well as starting a company after receiving investments and winning business and pitch competitions.


How I Can Help You?

When it comes to manufacturing end users, custom machine builders and OEMs it is hard to attract new talent to your team.  The median age for workers in manufacturing continues to increase and we will continue to see a labor shortage in manufacturing for years to come.
Let's work together on finding interesting ways to highlight and create your companies content that will attract the next generation or team members to your manufacturing company.
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